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Optus and Huawei 4.5G trial hits mobile speeds faster than your home’s broadband


Optus and Huawei have launched a live trial of 4.5G technology and have achieved incredibly fast download speeds that would exceed your home’s broadband connection.

Also known as LTE Advanced Pro, the successful 4.5G trial with Optus and Huawei Wireless Networks was held in Newcastle and achieved speeds of 1.41Gbps with a potential maximum of 1.43Gbps.

That’s about 150MB per second so streaming movies and music would be a snap and downloading large files would literally take seconds.

These speeds were achieved as a result of carrier aggregation – a technology designed to increase network bandwidth like adding more lanes to a highway, higher level modulation which improves the efficiency of transmission and 4×4 MIMO – a dynamic Multiple In/Multiple Out system that offers faster data rates and increased range.

They achieved a download speed of 1.23Gbps over the air in live network conditions.

“We continue to utilise our network and spectrum assets to test our network of the future and prepare for 5G,” said Dennis Wong, Optus Networks acting Managing Director.

“By 2020, 5G will be here and we are committed to identify ways to prepare our network to support this new technology and further improve customer experience.”

The trial is the result of Optus and Huawei’s research and development which began back in 2013.

The partnership’s goal is to evolve the technology and networks towards even faster 5G standards to meet the needs of an increasing number of demanding mobile customers.

Another aspect of the development is to create an efficient level of machine-type communications to power the growing ecosystem of Internet of Things products that will work in our smart homes.