Modern technology gives us many things.

Now Virgin Mobile customers can give their spare data to their friends


It’s nearly Christmas which means it’s the season for giving so Virgin Mobile has come up with a gift people will love receiving – extra data on their post-paid mobile plan.

Data Gifting allows Virgin Mobile postpaid customers to share any amount of their spare data with another Virgin Mobile postpaid customer.

Here’s how it works.

You simply log into your account or on the new My Accounts Postpaid app and select data gifting in the menu.

Choose the amount of data you want to gift and then enter the name and mobile phone number of the person you would like to receive that data.

Accept the terms and conditions and then hit the Send Data Gift.

The person receiving the data will receive an SMS to let them know about their gift.

The gifted data can be used once that account’s existing data allowance is exhausted.


And if the receiver has a Data Rollover plan they can roll it over into the next month.

Without a Data Rollover plan, any gifted data will expire at the end of the recipient’s bill cycle.

And there are no limits to the amount of data which can be gifted.

So now Australians don’t have to come up with crappy presents to please their friends this Christmas.

According to Virgin Mobile’s research, 8 out of 10 Australians are likely to use more data over the Christmas period so the offer couldn’t have come at a better time.


James Gully, CEO, Virgin Mobile Australia said: “As the research shows, many Aussies are favouring data over seemingly useless gifts like candles and socks.

“Getting the gift of mobile data is more thoughtful than you think and allows people to do more of the stuff they really enjoy.

“With Data Gifting, it’s even easier to give the gift of data this Christmas, a time where mobile data consumption tends to spike.

‘Sharing your data is not only a useful gift, but one that we know Aussies will enjoy and can be done at a click of a button.”

Virgin Mobile will allow Data Gifting until February 16, 2018, unless extended.