Modern technology gives us many things.

Now you can use the Force Band to control other apps and devices like a Jedi

When the Force Band came out recently to allow you to control BB8 like a Jedi we geeked right out. Well imagine our delight with the news you can control other apps and devices with the Force Band.

The Force Band has Bluetooth onboard so you can expand your Force powers to other products and applications around you.

Thanks to IFTTT – If This Then That – a site that allows you to access recipes to trigger one thing with another.

For example, you can find an IFTTT recipe that can send you a text message when it starts raining or have the weather forecast emailed to you at 7am each day or be sent a reminder if you haven’t hit your Fitbit goals.

Now the Force Band can also be used with a Force push or Force pull thanks to some new recipes which are now available at IFTTT.

And there will be even more recipes coming on to the site in the future.

Now with the Force Band you can play the Imperial March with a Force push, change your connected Hue lights to a random colour with a Force push, trigger a phone call and toggle your WEMO switch.


You will need to be wearing the Force Band around your wrist – did you really need another excuse apart from controlling BB8?

You can check out all of these Force Band recipes at IFTTT.

The Force Band can be purchased in its own for $139 or in a bundle with the battleworn BB8 for $349 from JB Hi-Fi.

May the Force be with you!