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Norton’s tips for parents and children to combat cyberbullying

On Friday, it’s the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence and security company Norton is marking the occasion by offering parents and children tips to protect themselves against cyberbullying.

Norton research has shown three in four men and women under the age of 30 have experienced some form of online harassment.

“The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence reminds Australians of the importance for all members of our society to recognise the lasting impact online bullying has on both men and women,” Norton security expert Nick Savvides said.

“No longer does the ‘they’ll be right’ attitude suffice in any instance, as we often don’t realise how detrimental cyberbullying and online harassment can be until it’s too late.

“Norton encourages Australian men and women to speak up about their online experiences, report serious harassment and threats when they occur and take reasonable security and privacy precautions whilst online.”

Norton has come up with some tips to help parents and children respond to cyberbullying.

– ENCOURAGE and maintain an open and ongoing dialogue about what they’ve experienced on the internet.

– ESTABLISH online etiquette and house rules including things like using strong passwords, installing security software and never use another person’s device without permission

– SHOW empathy through conversation and be a positive role model.

Norton has also offered advice to parents to help safeguard their child against online bullying.

– CHECK what your child is doing online. Check security and privacy settings on all devices and regularly change passwords.

– RECOGNISE the problem if it happens and move quickly. Do not respond to the online attacker. Keep all records and evidence of the harassment by making a copy of the message, photo or video; and if you see the online harassment, offer support to the person being targeted.

– REPORT online harassment to the relevant authorities immediately. If inappropriate content is displayed online, contact the website operators by phone or email requesting the content be removed or blocked. If the impact of the online harassment takes its toll on you and your wellbeing or that of someone you care for, you can contact organisations like beyondblue for help on 1300 224 636.