Modern technology gives us many things.

No-hands selfie is the latest craze – but don’t break your phone

A new and dangerous craze is sweeping the internet – the no-hands selfie. This involves throwing your phone into the air and timing it so it takes a photo of you while in mid-air.

And if you really want to challenge yourself – try and clap your hands while the device is in mid-air.

The best way to achieve this is by using the shutter timer when the phone’s camera is in selfie mode so you need to time the whole thing.

Hopefully it will result in a picture of you high fiving yourself.

Seth Schneider achieved what many thought was impossible – a perfectly timed selfie with the phone mid air and aimed at the mirror while he was high fiving himself.


He shared the image on Twitter and claimed it was the best day of his life. The picture was retweeted more than 180,000 times and liked more than 450,000 times.


But – there are dangers to the no-hands selfie.

You can possibly smash your phone if you don’t catch the device before it hits the deck.


And we’ve heard plenty of reports of people breaking their screens trying to capture that elusive no-hands selfie.

So to minimise the risk of breaking your phone you can follow these tips:

  1. Put a case on your phone – preferably a rugged case that offers drops protection.
  2. Break the phone’s fall with a pillow, a mattress, blankets – anything that keep your phone from hitting the hard floor.
  3. Take the photo on the way up. A lot of people make the mistake of waiting for their phone to fall down in front of their face. Our tip is to time it so the photo is taken as the device is moving up in front of your face. This way you can have time to catch it on the way down.
  4. Kneel down in front of a mirror. This gives the phone a shorter distance to fall if you can’t catch it. Most people are taking the pictures standing up in front of the bathroom mirror. The phone has further to fall on to those hard tiles.


If you can pull it off, the no-hands selfie looks pretty good.

If not it could an epic, and expensive, fail.