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New Kobo Aura ONE e-reader has the biggest e-ink screen on the market

The best way to release a product customers want is to get them to help you design it. That’s exactly what Kobo did and the result is the Aura ONE – an e-reader with the largest e-ink screen on the market.

Kobo’s Aura ONE was created with the help of its best customers who challenged the company to push the envelope with the hardware and the software.

After months of collaboration Kobo came up with a device that has an edge to edge 7.8-inch screen with front-light technology.

The display, which has 300ppi (pixels per inch) for print-quality resolution, is the same size as a hardcover book and fits more words to a page than any other e-reader which means fewer page turns.


And the device is just 6.9mm thick and weighs 226g.

The product is also waterproof so you can read while you’re in the bath, the shower or beside the pool.

Reading in bed with the Kobo Aura ONE is an even better experience with the ComfortLight Pro.


This front-light technology reduces blue-light exposure which can affect sleep quality so readers can enjoy night-time reading without any impact on their slumber.

Readers can also configure the device with TypeGenius customisable fonts and a choice of 50 font sizes and 11 font types.

It’s also possible to adjust margins, highlight passages, write notes and even look up words with the built-in dictionary.


There is also a massive 8GB of storage on the Kobo Aura ONE so you’ve got enough room for 6,000 books.

Also under the hood is 512MB RAM and the Fast Solo Lite processor so page turns are fast.


And the store is bursting with more than 5 million titles across all categories including thrillers, literary fiction, biographies, memoirs, business books and non-fiction.

The Kobo Aura ONE will be available in October and priced at $349.95.