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New CHiQ consumer electronics brand has just launched in Australia

A new consumer electronics brand has been launched in Australia. It’s CHiQ – an offshoot of the strong ChangHong company – which will be offering intelligent 4K TVs and quality white goods.

Building on ChangHong’s legacy of innovation and research and development, CHiQ will offer high quality products at affordable prices.

Another focus of the company will be making their products, which are filled with the latest technology including artificial intelligence, easy to use for customers of all ages.

“Today we’re excited to launch our new brand into Australia. We are delighted to present a concept and brand – and a blend of contemporary style with good technology – that we hope will make a lasting impression and earn us an even warmer welcome into the hearts and homes of style-conscious Australians around the country,” said David Esler, the general manager of sales and marketing for CHiQ in Australia.

CHiQ hopes to surprise Australian customers with their products’ design and performance in the same way customers in the past have been impressed with ChangHong features and reliability.

CHiQ has outlined the five core brand attributes behind its range of products – high quality, intelligent technology, human-centred design, quality and reliability and a strong commitment to research and development.

ChangHong started in the consumer electronics market back in 1958 and today the company is valued at more than $26 billion.

Its products have attracted awards from around the world including this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show.

CHiQ is expanding its exploration into artificial intelligence for its products to provide even smarter functionality for its premium G6, G7 and G8 television range in sizes up to 75-inches.

In fact, the iQ part of the brand name is a reminder for customers of the intelligence built into its products.

Thoughtful decisions have gone into the design approach to make the products not only look good but also easy to use.


An example of this human-centric approach is the CHiQ television remote which reduces the number of steps for reviewer to start watching Netflix or YouTube.

In terms of reliability, CHiQ is backing its televisions and high-quality fridges and freezers with three year warranties.

On the research and development side, CHiQ is employing 12,000 people – that’s 13 per cents of the company – who are working on bringing the latest technologies to market.

The CHiQ G6, G7 and G8 Series of televisions will all be 4K UHD with HDR (high dynamic range) and will all include one button access to Netflix and YouTube.

They also have a stylish design with narrow bezels and a minimal look so customers can focus on the impressive picture quality.

CHiQ will also be bringing into Australia its range of fridges and freezers which will give customers plenty of choices to suit their home and lifestyle.

The company is one of the leading fridge and freezer manufacturers and are the number one domestic fridge compressor manufacturer in the world.

CHiQ is currently in talks with national retailers and their products will be in stores in the coming weeks.

CHiQ has also hinted at a strong lineup of products for 2018 as well.

The company has scored another coup by being named the official television supplier for the 2018 Australian Formula One Grand Prix.

CHiQ will also be one of the major sponsors of the Sydney International tennis tournament.