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New BodyGuardz cases protect your iPhone with shock-absorbing material


When it comes to smartphone cases you want as much protection as possible and that’s what you get with the new BodyGuardz Trainr range which includes Unequal shock absorbing technology.

The Bodyguardz Trainr case ($59.95) and Trainr Pro case with armband ($74.95) have just been released in Australia for the iPhone 6/6S/7 and iPhone 6/6S/7 Plus.

Each case incorporates the patented military grade shock blocking material called Unequal.

This same material is actually used in pro athlete and military equipment.

Unequal is a blend of Kevlar and Accelleron and absorbs and dissipates the energy of an impact to minimise the shock to the wearer or, in this case, the iPhone.

And it provides this level of protection without adding bulk or size to the case.



The outer edges of the case are easy to grip thanks to the soft touch elastomer material.

The transparent rear panel also allows users to appreciate their iPhone’s design and colour.

The Trainr Pro has an armband that snaps securely to the case so you can have the same protection while you’re exercising.


Each BodyGuardz Trainr case is available in black/grey and grey/mint and are available now.

The BodyGuardz Trainr case is priced at $59.95 while the Trainr Pro case with armband is $74.95.