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Nespresso’s Creatista unleashes your inner barista for cafe standard coffee


Nespresso has released a new machine that makes it even easier to create a barista-style coffee right down to the size, strength, temperature and milk texture to suit your taste.

Creatista from Nespresso, made in partnership with Breville, comes in two models and offers coffee lovers even more control but without requiring the skills of an experienced barista to achieve a café-standard brew.

Nespresso’s Creatista uses the well-known pod coffee system but also adds an automatic steam wand to heat up and texture the milk.

And it’s all contained in an appliance that has a remarkably small footprint – much smaller than other coffee machines.

You also don’t need to wait around for the Nepresso machine to heat up – it’s ready to go in three seconds with the Creatista Plus and you’ll have wait 10 seconds with the Creatista.

The top of the device has a small TFT screen where you can take complete control.


From the menu system, you can choose the size and strength of your coffee.

Then when you move to the milk texturing phase you’ll have the choice to make a flat white, latte or cappuccino and get the right foam level.

You also have up to 11 adjustable milk temperatures.

The steam wand is also cool to the touch so there’s no risk you’ll be scalded.

The display will also offer up some suggestions on how to personalize your coffee and also give you a notification when it’s time to perform some maintenance to maintain the quality of the machine and the coffee it can produce.


Creatista Plus is available in brushed stainless steel for $799 and Creatista comes in black and royal champagne and costs $699.

They go on sale on October 31.

Stay tuned to Tech Guide for a complete review of the Creatista from Nespresso.