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NBN launches educational campaign to combat customer confusion

The NBN has launched a new national campaign to address the confusion about the network after it was revealed many didn’t know the speeds they’re receiving or unaware they could choose their speed to begin with.

New research has revealed that most Australians (76 per cent) weren’t aware of their current Internet speeds while more than a third (35 per cent) were in the dark about being able to choose their speed tier.

In response, the NBN has launched a national integrated marketing campaign to inform Australians about the things they need to do before signing up to a service over the network.

Today the NBN is available to more than one in two Australians with the rollout ramping up even faster.

This NBN educational campaign will explain in plain English the basics of what a customer needs to know before they decide on their connection.

The campaign will run across TV and digital and will be accompanied by direct mail and newspaper lift outs as well as a series of online videos aimed at answering the most frequently asked questions about the NBN.

“We have been listening to the community’s feedback and are committed to providing answers to the questions Australians want to know about the NBN network and the factors which influence the speed of their internet service,” says NBN CEO Bill Morrow.

“The launch of this campaign is another step in our ongoing efforts to educate Australians with all the information they need to get the most out of their broadband experience after signing up to the NBN network with a retailer.

“The rollout of the NBN network is an upgrade of the telecommunications services for homes and businesses around the country so understandably there are some people who are confused about how the network is rolled out, the different technologies available and the role NBN and retailers play in connecting and troubleshooting consumers.

“Although many of us are used to making decisions about broadband data limits, the rollout of the NBN network means, for the first time, the majority of consumers will also need to make decisions about internet speeds, so it’s important that they do their research before speaking with a retailer and choosing a plan.

“We want to ensure people know that most homes and businesses will need to move their existing phone and internet services over to a retail service on the NBN network following an 18-month window after it is switched on in their area. We are seeing great demand for fast broadband across the country as there are currently around three in four Australians who choose to connect after this period.”

Here the questions you need to ask before connecting the NBN service:

When will l be able to connect?

Customers can enter their address on the NBN website to find out when the service will be connected and what type of service they will receive.

What speed tiers are offered?

The most common speed tiers are 12Mbps, 25Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps. The NBN now gives users the choice of the speed of the connection.

Which service providers are available to me?

After the NBN is installed near your home you will need to find a service provider to sell you an NBN service. Customers don’t deal directly with the NBN, they access services through a retail provider.

How much data do I need?

This decision varies from customer to customer depending on how they use the Internet. Typically, a larger household with several people at home will use a lot more data than a retired couple. Look at how you use the Internet today and your requirements for the future before deciding.

Will my existing services be affected?

The NBN will deliver both phone and Internet services and customers will have an 18-month window to transfer their current services to the NBN.

Will my devices be compatible?

Things like your existing home phone may not work with the NBN.