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Navman’s new MiVUE range offers even more driver protection on the road

Navman has released its latest range of MiVUE dashcam products that are designed to provide drivers with clear footage of any on-road assistants that can be used in an insurance claim.

There are five MiVUE products in the line-up which offer continual recording to automatically capture any driving event when it detects collisions or hard braking.

On the higher end Navman products, there are also a number of new Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) safety features that are found in luxury cars like lane departure alerts and front collision warnings.

Video is captured and stored on a microSD card and can be viewed in a computer application that runs on both PC and Mac computers.

The Navman MiVUE 630
The Navman MiVUE 630

Any footage captured is time and date stamped with GPS co-ordinates so it will pin point the exact location of the incident.

This footage can be used in an insurance claim and also be used to protect yourself from fraudulent accusation as well.

The devices can also be triggered manually to capture other on-road incidents like road rage or other suspicious activity.

MiVUE can also capture video if someone hits your car while it’s parked as well.

The Navman MiVUE 680
The Navman MiVUE 680

All of the MiVUE products include:

G-Shock Sensor

The built-in 3-Axis G-Shock Sensor automatically locks the recorded video footage, impact location and date/time in a collision.

GPS Tracking

This will record the direction travelling, location and speed information providing an accurate record of events.

Optimised Day/Night Recording

High Dynamic Range Automatic optical adjustment improves video quality in challenging lighting conditions – when it’s too dark or too bright.

Parking Mode

Built-in motion detection technology protects your car when you’re not in it by instantly recording the moment the dashcam detects a movement in front of the camera or an impact on the car.

Glass and Wide Angle Lens

With high quality glass lenses, the MiVUE dashcams record high quality video imagery in all light conditions. The Wide Angle Lens captures every detail ahead including lanes on either side making it perfect for blind spots too.

The Navman MiVUE 698
The Navman MiVUE 698

Continuous/Event/Manual Recording Mode

When the MiVUE detects sudden changes in motion or an impact, the recorder instantly saves a protected video of the event for future analysis.

Photo Mode

Collect close up still photo evidence of the incident with the MiVUE built-in camera. Your video and still images can all be captured on the one device.

Headlights Alert

This will prompt the driver to switch on headlights at night and in low light areas.

The MiVUE 630 and MiVUE 660 are available now and priced at $159 and $199 respectively.

The MiVUE 680 ($249), MiVUE 690 SAFE ($329) and MiVUE 698 DUAL CAM ($429) models include improved video recording quality with Super 2K Full HD for even sharper images.

The Navman MiVUE 690 SAFE has dual microSD card slots to back to your recordings
The Navman MiVUE 690 SAFE has dual microSD card slots to back to your recordings

These higher end models also have these ADAS safety features onboard:

Dual SD Card
Only available on the MiVUE 690 SAFE, you can store two SD cards on the one device allowing for extra storage so you should never run out of storage.

Dual Camera
Available only on the MiVUE 698 DUAL CAM, this device comes with two cameras for your car, one recording what is happening in front of your car, and what’s happening behind.

Lane Departure Alert
This will alert you if your vehicle starts to deviate into another lane so it’s especially handy when you’re driving low light conditions or when you start to drift off on long drives. The alert will only activate when you are travelling at speeds more that 60km/h.

Front Departure Warning

This warning will politely alert you if you have stopped and the car in front has moved off without you noticing.

Front Collision Alert
This warning alerts if you are travelling too close to the car in front of you – great for long drivers, when you are driving in low light or poor weather conditions.

Safety Camera Alerts
Visual and audible alerts to driver when approaching safety camera location, it will warn you of the upcoming cameras based on your current driving speed, offering you extra distance and enough time to safely slow down.

Custom Safety Camera Alerts
Manually add a speed camera location to your device so the next time you are approaching the same location, you will be reminded by a warning alarm.

Photo Geotagging
You can capture a still image and find and save the GPS coordinates and download EXIF data so you know exactly where you took the picture so you can return to that spot if you need or want.