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Aurora smart lights can react to your music with the Nanoleaf Rhythm module

Not so long ago we wrote about the cool Nanoleaf Aurora modular smart lights that let you design how it looks and control it with an app or your voice. Now the new Rhythm Module allows those lights to react to your music.

The small module (priced at $79.99) has an integrated audio sensor that can detect and sync to your music in real time.

The module fits neatly into one of the triangular light panels and draws power from the system and can be integrated into your setup over wi-fi in minutes.

Within the Nanoleaf app, users can now download Rhythm Scenes to take full advantage of the light show once you crank up the music.

It has the potential to turn the room where your Aurora lighting system is located into a nightclub.


Depending on the pattern you choose and the music you play, you will always be in for a different type of light show.

The rhythm module, just like the Nanoleaf Aurora system, is Apple Homekit certified but can also be controlled with the Nanoleaf iOS and Android apps.

If you don’t have the Aurora smart lighting system you can buy a starter pack, which includes the Rhythm Module, for $349.99 and comes with nine triangular panels, mounting tape and the power supply.

The Nanoleaf Rhythm is priced at $79.99 and is available from Apple Stores, JB Hi-Fi, David Jones and Harvey Norman.