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How much would you be willing to pay for unlimited mobile data?


Data is the most important part of our mobile phone plans today and the battle for customers is to get the best bang for their buck. But how much would you be willing to pay for unlimited data?

Finder has surveyed 2017 Australians and asked them how much would be a fair amount to receive unlimited data along with unlimited calls and texts.

The average amount based on customer responses showed it was only worth $53 to them.

That’s surprisingly low and even lower than the $60 customers would have been prepared to pay when asked a year ago.

At the moment were paying about $50 a month for 20GB of data while other telcos are offering more than 100GB for more than $150.

So, with those figures in mind, Finder says it’s unlikely we’ll see a $53 unlimited data plan any time soon.

“They (unlimited data plans) do exist in the US and UK but there are often harsh speed-limiting strings attached,” says Finder telco expert Alex Kidman.

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“Unlimited plans would not make financial sense for carriers in Australia.
“Data allowances have increased, but there are no signs of unlimited data becoming available any time soon.”

The Finder survey determining the price customers would be willing to pay for unlimited data showed various responses from different age groups.

Gen Y was prepared to spend the most –  $60 –  for unlimited data which is 30 per cent more than Baby Boomers at $46.

Video streaming consumes the most data for users but we also watch a lot of video while using social media apps like Instagram and Facebook.

While unlimited plans are unlikely to be offered any time soon, there are some tips to help you choose the data limit that suits your needs.

– Check your last bill see how much data you are currently using. Look back even further to see if you are regularly exceeding your data limit or staying under it.  If you’re constantly spending more money because you go over your data allowance, it would be cheaper to just move up to the next data cap.

–  Consider how much data you will need. According to ACMA, the average user consumed 1.9GB of data per month in 2014. Today that figure is now 5.5GB a month. Come up with a data amount that will cover your needs month-to-month and then shop around.