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Motiv Ring is an activity tracker small enough to fit on your finger


The wearable activity tracker just got a whole lot smaller with a device that can track your movement, sleep and even your heart rate and is small enough to fit on your finger.

The Motiv Ring is surprisingly small (it’s just 8mm wide) and light and a lot less obtrusive than any other tracker on the market that’s worn around your wrist or attached to your clothing.

And despite its small size, the Motiv Ring still manages to capture the same amount of data as the larger products.

The device has a three-axis accelerometer and a tri-coloured LED indicator for charging and synching.

It is made of durable and ultralight titanium and is waterproof so you don’t need to take it off to have a shower, wash your hands and go for a swim.

Motiv Ring also has an optical heart rate sensor and can track active minutes, active heart rate, calories burned plus steps and distance.

The device also works with an intuitive app that can chart your stats and progress and adjust daily targets.

And the onboard Lithium battery can also run for up to five days. It is charged with a USB magnetic keychain.


“Despite how fast the wearable market is growing, over half of those who buy a fitness tracker lose interest and discontinue use because current solutions are uncomfortable, unattractive and don’t provide truly meaningful insights,” said Mike Strasser, co-founder and CEO of Motiv Inc.

“From a hardware perspective, we knew we had to build a device that could be with you all the time. To do that it had to be small, durable, waterproof, allow you to effortlessly measure activity and sleep, and not interfere with daily life.”


The Motiv Ring comes in seven sizes and, when users order the device, they are sent a fitting pack so you can make sure you find the right fit.

It is available in the US now in two colours – rose gold and slate gray – and is priced at $US199. It will ship internationally later this year.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of LG