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Why’s Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 might not include a charger or earphones

The upcoming new iPhone 12 will have a fresh design and 5G connectivity but what it might not include is a charger or earphones in the box which will also be a lot smaller.

Rumours are swirling that Apple will not include a regular charger with the iPhone 12 and this could be for a number of reasons.

Many see this as an environmental move with the immediate reduction of millions of chargers.

The thinking would be that customers who buy the iPhone 12 will probably already have a charger.

But there is likely to be a USB-C to Lightning cable included with the iPhone 12.

Another strong rumour is that Apple will be offering a 20W charger to be sold separately which will allow fast charging with the iPhone 12.

So rather than include the regular 5W charger in the box, Apple will give customers the choice of either using their old charger or investing in a new one.

Either way, not having a charger with the iPhone 12 would prevent millions of chargers being manufactured and not used.

The iPhone 12 will also include wireless charging so it can be powered using existing power mats and stands.

The other report circulating ahead of the launch of the iPhone 12 is that Apple will also not include earphones – these are usually Lightning earphones because Apple got rid of the headphone jack years ago.

With so many people now opting for wire-free earphones, like Apple’s very own AirPods, the corded earphones could again be something that’s manufactured only to sit unused in the box.

With no charger and earphones, the iPhone 12 box will be a lot smaller as well which means there will be less impact on the environment thanks to ability to ship more units per shipment.

The iPhone 12 is expected to be announced in September with a late October/early November on sale date.