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We’re so vain when it comes to video calling


vainskypeAustralians are too self-conscious to answer a video call with a third rejecting a face-to-face call because they think they don’t look up to scratch.

New research by Belong – the month-by-month home broadband powered by Telstra – says we’ve become vain with video calls.

The study revealed 25 per cent of all callers taking at least five minutes to get ready.

More than 10 per cent actually spend between 15 and 30 minutes preparing themselves focusing on their hair and checking themselves in the mirror.

Others even go so far as checking their background looks good and that the light is flattering.

One in five even take a selfie to make sure they’re screen ready.

And 15 per cent of respondents go to the trouble of changing clothes so they’re looking their best.

During the calls a quarter of those surveyed said they spent most of the time checking themselves out in the preview window.

“‘In this era of selfies and social media platforms, our faces appear on screen more than ever which is impacting our daily lives without most people even realizing,” said Nicholas Demos, General Manager of Belong.

“Now with the increasing trend of video calling, Aussies are going to great lengths to keep up appearances, sometimes spending more time getting ready for a chat, than the call time itself.”

Skype is the most popular platform for video calling and is used by 60 per cent of 18-34-year-olds.

In the 18-24 age group, 25 per cent preferred Apple’s FaceTime with one in 10 using Google+ and Facebook videos calls.

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