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Vodafone launches trade-in offer for the new Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 goes on sale today and Vodafone has announced a new offer which can save customers up to $650 when they trade in an eligible handset.

The offer kicks off today and can reduce the price of a new Galaxy S10 to as low as $699.

Eligible handsets include older Samsung Galaxy models going back to the Galaxy S7.

Customers with any of these eligible handsets can have them valued at any one of Vodafone’s 400 stores and receive that amount as a credit towards the new Galaxy S10.

The device must be in good working order with a screen that is not cracked and with no major cosmetic damage.

“By trading in an eligible device, such as the Galaxy S9, customers can get their hands on one of the most premium devices on the market for as low as $699,” says Ben McIntosh, chief commercial officer for Vodafone Australia.


“We will not offer leasing plans where you pay off a device that you’ll never own.

“With Vodafone, customers receive transparent pricing with flexible payment terms and no lock-in contracts.

“We are proud to say that today, customers will not walk into a competitor store and find a better deal on the new Samsung Galaxy S10.”

Customers who want to take advantage of this trade-in offer must also stay connected on a Red or Red Plus (endless data) plan.

Vodafone has given rough trade in estimates based on the device and its memory capacity.

The Galaxy S7, a three year old device, can still attract a $330 trade-in while last year’s Galaxy S9+ with 256GB memory can bring it up to $680 credit.

The Vodafone Galaxy S10 trade-in offer ends on May 20.