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Vodafone changes the way customers are charged for data

vodadata2Customer feedback has convinced Vodafone to change the way it charges pre-paid users for data, switching from per megabyte charge to a per kilobyte charge.

The decision comes after vocal Vodafone pre-paid customers complained about per megabyte charges.

Not surprisingly, Vodafone surveyed 10,000 customers about the proposal and it received overwhelming support.

Per Megabyte charges for Vodafone pre-paid users meant the minimum data session charge was for one megabyte even if the customer used only a few kilobytes.

But now Vodafone has changed the way it charges for data across the board with the new minimum data charge now at one kilobyte.

This means the data allowance will last a lot longer for all Vodafone customers thanks to these smaller minimum charges so they will only pay for the data they use.

The changes will take effect in February.

The new Vodafone minimum data charges

“We value customer input that helps us deliver pricing that is simple and makes sense. We are determined to show our customers we are listening,” said Cormac Hodgkinson, Vodafone’s Director of Customer Care.

“There’s no denying data pricing is confusing, industry-wide. Our intention is to introduce a consistent rate across our prepaid plans, and there’s more than one way we can do this.

“We have decided to not only reverse our decision to introduce per MB charging, we’ll also be dropping the existing minimum data session to 1kB for all our prepaid customers.

“We are committed to listening, being transparent and providing our customers a worry free experience. Thank you to all our customers who took the time to talk to us. Please do not stop. It’s what drives the way we do business.”

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