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Virgin Mobile offers Pick and Mix mobile plans

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Virgin Mobile announced a range of plans which allow customers to pick and choose the extras they want to include with their contract.

The Pick and Mix plans offers customers choice and flexibility to tailor their plan to suit their needs instead of the other way around.

It starts with a $19 monthly base plan with $19 credit and 100MB and can be supplemented with unlimited SMS, unlimited calls, extra data or all of the above.  

If you’re a heavy texter then you can add unlimited SMS for $10 a month on top of the 19 base plan.

The base plan charges 15 cents per minute for calls and 15 cents per SMS with no flag fall.

Maybe you’re more of a talker and make a lot of calls per month. For these users unlimited voice can be added for $30 a month.

You might own a smartphone and want a lot of data then the additional 500MB ($5), 2GB ($10) or 4GB ($20) is the right solution.

And the good thing is that these choices can be changed month to month so users can adapt it to their needs which may change over time.

“Our Pick and Mix plans continue to build on our existing philosophy of putting the member at the heart of everything,” says Virgin Mobile Marketing Director, David Scribner.

The Virgin Mobile Pick and Mix plan options

“We acknowledge that our members are all individuals with individual needs, so the beauty of our new Pick and Mix plan is that they can pick and choose what they want, and change it from month to month as they require.

“Continuing to offer a fair and transparent service to our members is at the core of our business model and this new plan really delivers what consumers have told us they want – choice.”

The Pick and Mix plans are available with and without a handset. If you have your own handset it’s just a matter of choosing the plan that’s right for you.

Customers who wish to include a handset to their contract will incur further monthly costs for the device on top of the plan costs.

Customers can choose their plan at