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Virgin Mobile launches Fair Go Bro campaign with Brad Pitt’s brother Doug

fairgobromainVirgin Mobile has launched a new campaign called Fair Go Bro and announced Brad Pitt’s brother Doug as the new face and star of the promotion.

In its typical outside-the-square marketing, Virgin Mobile has decided to give a famous celebrity’s brother the chance to enjoy the limelight.

Doug Pitt, who bears a strong resemblance to his brother Brad, will be at the centre of the Fair Go Bro ad campaign with Australians able to show their support and “like” him at

“Unlike my brother I’ve never been the star of anything. Virgin Mobile didn’t think that was fair so they invited me in to be the face of their new campaign,” said Doug Pitt.

“I’m excited to be the new face of Virgin Mobile in Australia.

Brad Pitt's brother Doug is the new face of Virgin Mobile's Fair Go Bro campaign

“I hope the Aussie public will join me and Virgin Mobile and give us a fair go. As they say, it’s amazing how a bit of fairness can help you feel like a star.”

The Fair Go Bro campaign highlights Virgin Mobile’s new simplified plan portfolio which is designed for users to choose the plans to suit their needs.

They offer flexible value and offers solutions for users who are heavy data and SMS users.

Customers are able to choose a handset and then have the option of adding a data plan to get the most out of the device.

And anyone who brings their own handset to the table will receive an extra $10 off any one of the monthly plans Virgin Mobile is offering.

And, as usual, Virgin Mobile plans include free Virgin to Virgin calling, plans with unlimited calls and texts, free voicemail access in Australia and the option of rolling over unused mobile credit to the next month.

“We’re constantly listening to our customers and are focused on giving Australians a fair go by continuing to simplify the telco experience, offering flexibility and even more value,” says Virgin Mobile marketing director David Scribner.

“We think it’s only fair that you are able to choose any handset on any plan – and only pay for what you need.

“We believe our simplified suite of plans delivers on this. Continuing to offer a fair and transparent service to our customers is at the core of our business model and these new plans really deliver on this.”

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