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The versatile Nomad cable is actually three cables in one


Cables. We all need them. And usually more than one. So wouldn’t it be great if instead of carrying three cables we could carry just one. That’s now possible with the new Nomad Universal 3-in-1 Charging Cable.

This rugged cable features an Apple Lightning tip, USB-C and a microUSB to suit all your devices including iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets and laptops.

It has a multi-tip charging option with a default microUSB plug with the Lightning and USB-C connectors attached near the top of the cable with a flexible plastic arm.

When a particular tip is needed it simply clicks into place onto the microUSB plug before being plugged into your device.

The Lightning tip is also MFi approved.

The Nomad cable is ideal for use on the go all when travelling and can reduce the clutter so you can take one cable instead of three separate cables.

The Nomad cable is 1.5m long and wrapped in a 500D nylon woven ballistic weave pattern that is so strong it not only meets but exceeds military standards.

In fact, the cables have been lab tested to withstand more than 10,000 flexions.

In other words, it’s tougher than your regular cable and can handle constant and daily use.

You can really feel the quality of the nylon cable in your hands and it is slightly thicker than a regular cable.

The Nomad cable also features a silicon rubber cable tie for convenient cable management so it doesn’t get tangled when you’re carrying it or storing it.

The Nomad cable is available now from and is priced at $US34.99 which is about $AUD49.