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Trade-in your old phone at Mazuma Mobile

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The latest iPhone will be released in less than a week and there’ll be a lot of customers wishing they could offload their handset to move up to the new model.

Now you can with Mazuma Mobile – an online mobile phone re-user that offers instant quotes for the device you’d like to trade in.

The iPhone 4 32GB is fetching as much as $392 with payments sent to customer either as a cheque or bank transfer within 48 hours of receiving your old device.  

Visitors to can type in their mobile’s model number or IMEI number to get a valuation on the spot.

Customers enter their details and then have the choice of receiving a sales pack with a free postbag with instruction or printing out their own.

Upon receipt of your device it is checked against your order and details are emailed back with the option of having the device returned to you free of charge if you don’t want to go ahead with the sale.

If you decide to go ahead with it payment is made within 48 hours by cheque or bank deposit.

Mazuma Mobile managing director Aid Rawlins says customers can fund the purchase of their next phone by trading in their old one.

“25% of all phone sales are now smartphones – people just want to upgrade to the latest technology. By trading in their old phone to Mazuma, many consumers can fund the purchase of an upgrade or pay for several months of usage,” Mr Rawlins said.

“The majority of these phones still have a useful life – not just the two years of most contracts. Mazuma processes and rehome the handsets thus getting the most out of the life of the phone not just having it recycled or worse, thrown away, after just two years when the life of most phones is at least 10.

The Mazuma Mobile website which allows customers to check the value of their handset

“Most people still don’t know what to do with their old handsets and opt to keep it in a drawer just in case they might need it again, what happens is the phone is often never used again and simply devalues.

“Our solution is to buy these phones and rehome them to countries such as Africa, India and China where handsets are not subsidised as they are in Australia,” he said.

Mt Rawlins says there is always a spike in trade-in numbers ahead of an iPhone release.

“When it hits the market on October 14 we expect there will be a spike in iPhone 3 and iPhone 4s being sold at Mazuma,” he said.

“We saw significant increases in traffic with the other iPhone launches and we expect the same this time as consumers often use the cash to upgrade to the latest device.”

The current price for iPhone trade-ins are $329 (iPhone 4 16GB), $182 (iPhone 3GS 16GB) and $99.40 (iPhone 3G 8GB).

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