Modern technology gives us many things.

5 ways to track phone location

You can track a phone with ease these days. Every other Android or iOS device you meet has the Find My Device or Find My iPhone. The tricky part is that these are methods that the user can turn on and off at will.

So, is there a way to track someone’s phone location without them finding out? We have five of them here that have been doing it for years now. You can use them to track an iPhone or Android remotely.

Many have used them on their kids, employees, and spouses. So, if you need something that can track those close to you, keep reading.

Part 1: Spyic Cell Phone Location Tracker

The first item on the list is an application you don’t want to miss. Spyic monitoring solution have helped millions of people in 190+ countries. That means joining the wagon will not be a mistake at all.

You can track so many things using Spyic. It’s a solution with more than 35 features. that implies people have been using it for different purposes. When it comes to tracking, it’s very good at that. 

It will track the targeted location exactly where it is. You will also get all the other visited places. The coordinates and timestamps will also be available. Do you need to know when the target enters or leaves certain places?

There is a special specification for that. It’s the Geofencing that allows you to set up the restricted zones and an email to alert you. When the culprit visits or leaves the marked zones, you will always get a notification.

These features and much more are available on both the Android and iOS versions of the application. In both phone platforms, the setup is easy and you don’t need the rooting or jailbreaking tricks.

If the victim has an Android, install Spyic once on their phone. In iOS, you can use the iCloud credentials online after acquiring the account. After the setup, the app will hide and fetch the information while in the background.

The hiding possibility is made by the stealth mode feature. In Android, you have to activate it. For iOS, it’s automatic since you will be using the iCloud. You can track phone location with Spyic anywhere without worrying about being noticed.

All you need is an internet connection to make that possible. The dashboard in your account is always compatible with all browsers. All the data you get is always protected from unauthorized prying eyes.

Spyic does that by syncing the information when you log into your account. when you log out, the information is discarded. That means you are the only one who can see the tracking data and any other collected info.

Spyic works with Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later.

How to Track Phone Location Using Spyic Solution

Step 1: Register an account on the main website. Next, select the targeted phone’s OS and proceed to pay for one of the suitable plans.

Step 2: Once you finish the payment, you will get a confirmation email with the login details. It will also have the setup instructions and the receipt. If you are tracking an Android, there will also be a download link.

Step 3: In Android, use the sent link to install Spyic once on the victim’s phone. Ensure that you activate the stealth mode and then wind up the installation.

Step 4: For iOS, login to your account and verify the iCloud ID. Next, choose the phone to track and wait for the Spyic and iCloud syncing.

Step 5: Log in to your account remotely after the setup. On the control panel, you will see the location summary among other details.

To track the phone, use the ‘Location’ feature on the left menu.

For alerts on movements, click on the Geofencing option.

Part 2: Spyier Cell Phone Location Tracker

Spyier comes in as the second option. It has also been globally used by parents and employers. Using it to track both Android and iOS is possible and easy. In Android, you only need to install it once on the targeted phone.

For iOS, the iCloud ID will do everything after verifying it on the main website. Tracking is done online using any web browser. You get the real-time location and all the previously visited places.

If you want to impose restrictions, that is possible using the Geofencing option.

Part 3: Minspy Cell Phone Location Tracker

Those who have already used Minspy know that it’s good in tracking the latest phones. It is also compatible with lower versions up to Android 4.0 and iOS 7.0. To use it, you don’t need any rooting or jailbreaking to continue.

Androids need a one time installation and stealth mode activation. In iOS, you can track the iPhone online once you have the iCloud credentials. You can later track the targeted phone online using any internet-enabled device.

Part 4: Track Cell Phone with Spyine

Spyine can also track Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later. There is no rooting or jailbreaking needed before the setup. That is why it’s also winning global recognition. Now, to get started, you only need to set it up on the targeted phone.

Later, the tracking updates will be in real-time via your online account. There are also the Geofencing and SIM Card options. The dashboard here is also compatible with all browsers.

Part 5: Track Cell Phone with Neatspy

Lastly, we have the Neatspy solution as another superb tracking application. It can show you the exact phone location and all the other visited places. There is also the Geofencing option if you want to set up some perimeters.

Neatspy is applicable to both Android and iOS devices. You don’t need any rooting or jailbreaking to proceed. After the setup, you can log in anywhere to view the tracking results. Just make sure you have an updated browser and an internet-enabled device.


Now, you have five applications that can assist in smooth and seamless phone tracking. They are all never visible and they will never ask you to compromise the targeted phone. Also, unlike common tracking ways, these ones are never visible.

You can try Spyic to see how it works. The target will never switch it off since it will always be hidden.