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Tinke smartphone health accessory is like a trip to the doctor


tinke5Fitness and wellness devices are all the rage at the International Consumer Electronics Show and a new device called Tinke is like a check-up at the doctor.

Tinke works with iPhone and Android smartphones through an app and, when connected, can read your vital signs and your body fitness level.

The device, which is only about 3cm long, can also measure your Zen index so you can make a step towards relaxing yourself and quantifying your wellness level.

It uses a dual LED set-up and shoots a light into your thumb. Tinke captures the reflected light and from there analyses the waveform to determine your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level and heart rate variability.

Monitoring these areas can help determine fitness levels and store the information into the app to compare previous results and track your progress.

The Tinke attachment plugs into an iPhone or links wirelessly to an Android device

On the wellness side, Tinke can also play a part by encouraging you to engage in relaxation and breathing exercises.

The app splits your results into two areas to form a Vita Index and a Zen Index where they are examined so you can check to see how your fitness and zen exercises are improving your wellbeing.

Tinke can read your vital signs through the dual LED sensors and display the results on a smartphone app

The device requires no batteries, doesn’t require an additional screen apart from your smartphone and is small enough to carry anywhere.

Users can also share their Vita and Zen results with friends on social media and even compete against others to see how you compare.

The Android version of Tinke links wirelessly to the device

Tinke is available now for $US119 for the iOS version and $US129 for the Android model which is slightly larger and connects wirelessly to the device.

They can be purchased from the Tinke website which offers free international shipping.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of LG

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