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Telstra to offer unprecedented additional data on mobile plans from April

Telstra has unveiled an ambitious set of new mobile plans to give customers even more value and bonus data at a level that has never been offered on the network before.

Last week Telstra surprised its home broadband customers with extra data and now it’s mobile customers who get their turn.

From April 9, Telstra’s most popular mobile plans will now include data bonuses of between 500MB and 7GB  per month for the life of handset plans, Mobile Accelerate BYO plans and Casual plans.

And on top of the extra data, the plans will also include a bonus six-month subscription to the subscription video on demand service Presto.

These new plans will also coincide with one of the largest smartphones launches of the year – the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge.

From April 9, here is what Telstra will be offering customers Mobile Accelerate plans with a handset for the life of their plans:

* Customers on the $95 Mobile Accelerate Plan will receive a bonus 3.5GB of data for a total data allowance of 6GB per month.

*  Customers taking up the $130 Mobile Accelerate Plan receive a bonus 7GB of data for a total data allowance of 10GB per.

* Those on lower-end handset plans will also enjoy Bonus Data boosts of.

* Small business customers taking up a $65 or above Easy Share Business Plan with a new handset will also receive bonus data ranging between 500MB and 6GB depending on the plan level they take up.