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Telstra named as Australia’s fastest mobile network in 2022

Telstra has been named as Australia’s fastest mobile network in the Ookla Speedtest Awards which cover January to June 2022 and speeds recorded on 4G and 5G.

Ookla compared 1,338,193 user-initiated tests conducted on the Speedtest iOS and Android apps.
Telstra achieved the speed score of 107.25 with Optus in second place at 102.76 and Vodafone third with 67.81.

These scores were determined after taking download and upload speeds into account to rank network speed performance.

Telstra also took the lead in median download and upload speeds at 81.57Mbps and 11.38Mbps respectively.

Optus came in second with 75.27Mbps median download speed and third with 9.08Mbps upload.

Vodafone was third with 59.15Mbps down but beat Optus with 9.71Mbps up.

“Network is more important than ever and it’s always nice to be recognised with awards like this,” says Iskra Nikolova, Telstra’s Network and Infrastructure Executive.

“We work hard to be Australia’s biggest, fastest and most reliable network with our 5G network now reaching 80 per cent of Australia’s population and as part of our T25 program, we plan to roll out to 95 per cent of the population by 2025.”