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Telstra launches new mobile just for seniors

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Telstra has unveiled its latest mobile phone designed to suit the needs of Australian seniors.

The Telstra EasyTouch Discovery 3 retains the flip phone form factor of its predecessor with a simpler menu for easy navigation.

Also on board the device are features like hearing aid compatibility, large buttons, big fonts and easily audible key tones to hear the numbers being typed.  

Users can also view their missed calls and messages simply by opening the phone with the ability to go straight to these features with the press of a button instead of scrolling through multiple menus.

Telstra Consumer Marketing Director, Maryanne Tsiatsias said:  “Telstra has worked for more than six months designing and refining this mobile phone, to ensure it offers customers the features they want and need to stay connected with their family and loved ones.

The Telstra EasyTouch Discovery 3 is designed for seniors“Our customers told us that they wanted a simpler menu for easier navigation, and our new model gives them exactly that, so older Australians can get to the core functions they need, quickly and with minimal fuss.”

And while there is an emphasis on simplicity with the Telstra EasyTouch Discovery 3, there are also some advanced features which customers still wanted on the device including a 3 megapixel camera, integrated MP3 player, a hands-free speaker and a microSD card expandable memory slot.

The Telstra EasyTouch Discovery 3 comes with Telstra’s Blue Tick which means it will provide superior mobile coverage in remote and regional areas.

The device is priced at $240 outright or $0 on a $20 a month Telstra plan.

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