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Telstra has the most consistent 5G network but Optus is faster, according to Open Signal

Telstra has the most consistent mobile network quality while Optus offers the fastest 5G download speeds according to the latest Australian Mobile Network Experience Report by Open Signal.

The industry report documents customer experience on Australia’s mobile networks.

Telstra was the most awarded operator in this report winning six awards outright and sharing the 5G video experience award with Optus.

For excellent consistent quality Telstra had a score of 83.1 per cent followed by Vodafone on 80 per cent and Optus on 77.2 per cent.

Telstra is yet to be defeated in Open Signal mobile reports when it comes to consistency awards.

But digging deeper into the detail of the report it was found that Optus provided the fastest average 5G download speeds at 229.6Mbps which is 14.6Mbps faster than the speeds seen by Telstra customers and double that of Vodafone which recorded 106.8Mbps.

But Telstra is still out in front when it comes to overall download speed experience with 59.6Mbps which is 3.9Mbps faster than Optus and 11.8Mbps faster than Vodafone.

Vodafone has the greatest 5G availability which recognises the amount of time customers have an active 5G connection.

Vodafone came out on top at 30.8 per cent, way ahead of Telstra and Optus on 19.2 per cent and 12.1 per cent respectively.

Optus was found to have the best overall video experience, game experience and voice app experience.

But the best 5G multiplayer gaming experience went to Vodafone which came out on top with a score of 80 points out of 100 ahead of Optus on 78.8. Telstra came in 3rd with 77.4.