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Telstra activates 4GX – an even faster and wider 4G network


telstrafacebookthumbTelstra today unveiled the latest and fastest flavour of its 4G service – 4GX – which ramps up speeds and widens the network footprint significantly.

4GX will tap into the new 700Mhz spectrum which allows for faster data download and uploads speeds on compatible devices.

After today’s announcement of the network’s new name, Telstra also switched on 4GX services in Hobart and Brisbane with services already available in small pockets of Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and 10 other regional centres.

By January 2015, 4GX will be available in within a three kilometre radius of all capital city CBDs as well as 50 major regional locations including Albany, Ulladulla, Swansea, Bunbury, Port Macquarie and Murray Bridge.

The 700 Mhz spectrum has a longer range, wider data bandwidth and can reach even further into buildings and lift wells.

Compatible devices that can tap into the higher speeds of 4GX include the iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the iPad Air 2.

Telstra’s new Wi-Fi 4G Advanced II, manufactured by Netgear, is a hotspot device that will also be able to take advantage of the faster 4GX speeds.

Speeds on 4GX will hit up to 100Mbps - although we hit 155.39Mbps on our test

“We love technology that allows us to go faster and connect in the moment. 4GX sets a new benchmark in mobile internet speeds in Australia allowing people to download, share, stream and connect faster and more reliably than ever,” said Andrew Vollard, director of devices at Telstra.

In terms of speed, any Telstra customer with a compatible 4GX category 6 devices will enjoy speeds of up to 100Mbps per second – although a Tech Guide test with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 hit a speed of 155.39 Mbps.

4GX will also boost existing coverage and double current bandwidth with fewer slowdowns even in crowded places.

4GX will also see the introduction of new mobile calling features like Voice over LTE (VoLTE), HD Video calling and multi-media calling using VoLTE in the near future.

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