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TCL unveils its sleek new 30 Series smartphones and tablet range


TCL has unveiled its latest range of 30 Series smartphones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with 5G connectivity, high quality cameras, sleek design and impress displays.

The company also revealed three new tablets including the innovative NXTPAPER family along with the TCL TAB 10s 5G.

There are five knew smartphones in the TCL 30 series – the TCL 30 5G, the TCL 30+, TCL 30, TCL 30 SE and the TCL 30 E which all offer impressive design, performance and features at various affordable price points.

One feature they all have in common is an innovative camera with 50-megapixel cameras across the range which will optimise your images, portraits and macro shots with lifelike detail.

One new feature is Steady Snap which can pause and capture subjects in motion.

Face Tracking will also help users take the perfect portrait on the move while Auto Capture makes it easy to get more of your friends or your surroundings in the frame for wide angle selfies.

There are also numerous modes to optimise your images whether you’re taking photos of food, pets, portraits or landscapes.

Naturally, TCL is bringing its display heritage to its mobile devices with dazzling NXTVISION screens that look sharp and bright but also offer quality and eye care.

It starts with the 6.52-inch mini notch displays on the TCL 30 SE and the TCL 30 E which offer a great viewing experience.

Users will find the 6.7-inch FHD AMOLED screens on the TCL 30 5G, TCL 30+ and the TCL 30 which offer stunning contrast, rich natural colours, deep blacks and cinematic viewing.

On the design side, the TCL 3o 5G, TCL 30+ and TCL 30 have slim 7.74mm designs and weighs 140g.

And all five of the new TCL devices have large 5000mAh hour batteries which means you’ll easily get you through a day and into the next while you’re streaming, connecting, calling and shooting pictures and videos before you need to look for a power point.

And with 5G connectivity, customers will find this improves the experience when connecting, streaming content, downloading apps and video calling.

The TCL 30 5G, TCL 30+ and TCL 30 all support 18W fast charging to get you back to 100 per cent capacity faster than ever before.

All the TCL smartphones are supported by AI smart charging which can learn sleep patterns based on daily charging routines to reduce the deterioration of the battery and extend its life even further.

No Australian prices have been announced but using the pricing in Euros as a guide we can expect the TCL 30 5G (249 euros) to be $399, TCL 30+ (199 euros) $349, TCL 30 (179 euros) $299, TCL 30 SE (149 euros) $249 and the TCL 30 E (139 euros) $229.

These are estimated prices based on the conversion rate between euros and Australian dollars.

TCL also unveiled the NXTPAPER MAX 10 which follows the recent launch of the NXTPAPER 10s and is the latest to include the NXTPAPER display technology.

They will be available in Wi-Fi or 4G LTE configurations.

The tablet has a 10.36-inch NXTPAPER display with an 83 per cent screen-to-body ratio and offers a paper-like canvas for you to right, read or view content.

The unique display is made up of unique multilayer system which can filter out harmful blue light and reduce reflected light and all while looking and feeling like paper.

The TCL TAB 10 HD 4G has an all-screen design with thin 8.7mm bezels.

The device has a 5500mAh battery onboard to easily get you a full day of reading, streaming and browsing.

It is powered by a powerful Octa-core chipset and provides impressive performance.

The third tablet in the range is the TCL TAB 10s 5G, one of the most affordable 5G tablets on the market.

The device has any immersive 10.1-inch FHD screen – ideal for watching movies and playing games which can be streamed or downloaded even faster thanks to its 5G connection.

The tablet has an 8000mAh battery with 4GB RAM to allow users to enjoy their content, stay productive, connect via video calls and multitask all day long whether they’re on a wi-fi network or connected to the faster 5G network.

TCL also hinted at a larger 12-inch 5G tablet which will be released in the coming months.

While Australian pricing is yet to be announced the price in euros will give us an indication of an estimated price.

The NXTPAPER Max 10 will be priced at 269 euros which will make it about $420 in Australia.

The TCL TAB 10 HD 4G (starting at 179 euros) will be around $299 while the TCL TAB 10s 5G (349 euros) will be around $550.