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Smartphone sales surge worldwide by 42 per cent

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Smartphone sales have increased by 42 per cent since last year according to the latest figures from Gartner.

More than 440 million mobile devices were sold worldwide in the third quarter of 2011 – up 5.6 per cent from the same period in 2010.

Samsung has become the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer with year on year sales tripling to 24 million.  

Nokia, despite a drop in market share, is still the worldwide leader in mobile device sales with a strong performance in emerging markets.It accounted for 23.9 per cent of all mobile sales in the 2011 third quarter.

Analysts expect a surge in Nokia products in the fourth quarter with the introduction of the new Lumia range of devices in partnership with Microsoft running Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Apple shipped 17 million iPhones in the third quarter of 2011 – an annual increase of 21 per cent yet down three million from quarter two as consumers waited to see its latest device at the October launch event.

Gartner predicts Apple will bounce back with a solid fourth quarter following the record-breaking launch of the iPhone 4S.

The Android operating system made up 52.5 per cent of all smartphone sales in the third quarter of 2011 – doubling its market share from the same quarter a year ago.

Symbian was second with 16.9 per cent share followed by iPhone’s iOS (15 per cent) and BlackBerry’s operating system (11 per cent).

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