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Scentee lets you sniff out notifications on your smartphone


scentee1Usually smartphones notifications come in the form of a sound or vibration but a new device can now provide those same notifications by scent.

Yes, there is a whole new way to find out when you have a new message or email – with smell.

And it’s all made possible by Scentee – the world’s first e-smell device that connects to the headphone jack of your smartphone.

It looks like a small balloon with a small opening in the front and this is where the scene is delivered.

There are also seven coloured LEDs on board that are customisable to suit various scents and scenarios.

And it can all be controlled by the companion app which is available for iPhone or Android.

Scentee and its seven LED lights can be controlled with the iOS and Android app

Now you can add another dimension to your communications by engaging another of your senses.

Developed in Japan, Scentee can fit a small scent cartridge of your choosing.

Scentee's spray volume can be set for personal use or to fill a whole room

Want the smell of bacon or coffee to let you know about your latest Facebook notification?

Perhaps a floral scent like lavender, rose or jasmine is what you’d like to smell when you receive a new text message.

Or how about fresh strawberries?

The Scentee lets you sniff out your notifications

Apart from notifications, there is a self-puff feature that allows users to spray out scent from Scentee when they feel like it.

It can also be set to spray at designated times and even control the volume of the spray whether it’s for personal use or to fill room with your chosen smell.

The Scentee is available to order now and is priced at $US34.99 plus shipping costs with users able to pay for the item using PayPal from the website.

Cartridges are priced at $US4.99 with Rose, Strawberry, Lavender, Coffee, and Rosemary available now. There will be more added to the store in the coming weeks.

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