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Record launch for the iPhone 4S

iphone4sprethumb2sales records

It was a record-breaking launch day for the iPhone 4S around the world with Australia leading the way ahead of the US, UK, Japan, Canada, France and Germany.

Opening weekend sales worldwide for the iPhone 4S could go as high as four million. iPhone 4 sold 1.7m units in its opening weekend last year.

Reports from readers say lines outside Australian Apple Stores today are shorter than those seen on opening day.  

In Australia, Telstra reported the iPhone 4S broke pre-order records.

Our poll right here on Tech Guide has Telstra as the most popular choice for iPhone 4S users looking to buy the device on a plan.

The iPhone 4S set an Apple pre-order record with more than a million pre-orders within the first 24 hours – 400,000 more than the iPhone 4’s first 24 hours.

Optus customers waiting in line to buy the iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S launch comes just a week after the death of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. In the days to follow Apple Stores turned to shrines in honour of the company’s visionary co-founder.

Many customers in the line at the Sydney Apple Store said their purchase of iPhone 4S would be their own tribute to Jobs.

The first customer through the door in Sydney yesterday, 15-year-old Tom Mosca, said the first question he would put to Siri – the device’s built-in voice activated digital assistant – would be: “where’s Steve?”

In the US Sprint, the newest carrier for the iPhone, announced the best ever dayof sales ever after just foyr hours of the iPhone 4S going on sale.

AT&T, another US iPhone carrier, confirmed the a record number of activations in single day eight hours after sales began.

A survey of 550 customers in line to buy the iPhone 4S by investment firm Piper Jaffray found almost 75 per cent of customers were upgrading from a previous model iPhone.

Customers sign up to iPhone 4S plans in the Vodafone store

The 16GB iPhone 4S was the popular choice in the survey at 49 per cent. The 32GB version was the next most popular at 32 percent while 19 per cent went for the highest capacity 64GB model.

The large crowds and huge sales of the iPhone 4S also had a positive effect on Apple’s stock prices, closing at their highest price ever – $US422.

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