Modern technology gives us many things.

Optus wants you to donate your pre-loved smartphones to those in need

Optus has expanded its successful Donate Your Data programme to now invite customers to donate their unused smartphones to people in need.

A large section of the community is being left behind because they don’t have access to a smartphone and internet connectivity.

Optus has partnered with charity organisations to make Donate Your Device a reality.

Customer will be able to bring their handset to their nearest Optus store.

The donated smartphone will be cleaned and wiped of any data to prepare it for donation.

The device will help connect loved ones, provide access to education, job opportunities, offer access to vital services and offer someone a new start in life.

“Optus is proud to be working with our customers to enable Australians in need to power their potential by providing them with the essentials required to thrive in a digital world,” says Optus managing director, marketing and revenue, Matt Williams

“We believe all Australians should be able to stay connected. By working with Good360 we are enacting real change in our communities.”

The programme also has a positive environmental impact. Phones that are unable to be donated will be recycled.

“Good360 proud to partner with Optus on their donate your device initiative,” says Good360’s founder and managing director Alison Covington.

“The digital divide is a huge barrier for many Australians leaving them vulnerable and isolated, missing out on many opportunities as well as vital personal connections.

“The Donate Your Device programme will help provide equality and dignity for many people in need.”