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Optus now offering add-on packs with unlimited mobile data for a day


Optus has introduced a new unlimited data add-on for its mobile customers who want to continue to enjoy their streaming entertainment without worrying about busting their plan limits.

The “all you can eat” offer will run for 24 hours at a time and give customers the freedom to binge that series or watch those movies or endlessly stream their favourite music.

The Unlimited Data Add-On will cost $5 for 24 hours of unlimited data from the time of activation.

It will be available for Optus customers on pre-paid and post-paid plans of $30 and above.

Customers can only access one Add-on per service at a time.

This add-on can’t be used for data sharing. This means data can’t be shared with any other services on the account, in the same way data pooling works, but you can still tether to a laptop or TV.

But the Optus Fair Go policy still applies so you’re not supposed to take advantage of the data in an unreasonable way like running a call centre or a telemarketing business.

“We know our customers want great value and for the price they would typically pay for their morning coffee- our new Unlimited Data Day opens up infinite possibilities,” say Optus Managing Director of Marketing and Revenue Matt Williams.

“Our offer calls on all lovers of data, giving them 24 hours of data to do as much of the things they love as they can. This may involve bingeing Netflix on high definition for 24 hours, which would normally go through 72GB of data.”