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Optus is now offering $5 a day international mobile roaming

Optus is now offering $5 a day international roaming to more than 100 countries along with unlimited standard talk and text within these eligible destinations.

Included data usage per day within the offer be restricted to 5GB a day.

If the customer goes over their 5GB limit they will be charged another $5 for an additional 5GB to use that day.

Vodafone has had $5 day roaming for years and is available in more countries than Optus – Optus has 102 countries compared to Vodafone’s 107.

Vodafone also allows customers to use as much of their included plan data as they like while Optus restricts this to 5GB a day.

The Optus $5 a day roaming is available to customers on the Optus Choice plans.

Just in January 2023 alone there were more 300,000 active Optus customers that travelled overseas.

 “Traveling overseas can be a life-changing experience and half the fun is sharing that experience with friends and family back at home, as well as being able to stay connected with your travel buddies in a foreign country,” says Optus’ Managing Director of Marketing & Revenue, Matt Williams.

“With Optus’ $5 a day Roaming, we have created our easiest and most convenient roaming product yet, which also comes at a great value price point.”