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Optus and Telstra give customers more data to work from home during coronavirus crisis

Optus and Testra will  support its customers by providing extra data to help businesses, schools and individuals if they need to work remotely during the coronavirus crisis.

Optus Post-paid customers will receive an additional 20GB of data in April 2020 while pre-paid customers that recharge with $40 or more will receive an additional 10GB of data during April.

Telstra will kick in an extra 25GB for business and post-paid customers and an additional 10GB for pre-paid customers who recharge $40 or more.

Telstra has also added unlimited calls to eligible pensioners with a home phone plan to local, national and 13/1300 calls and calls to Australian mobiles.

“These are unprecedented times, and we want to help Australians who find themselves having to self-isolate or work from home to stay connected,” says Optus CEO designate Kelly Bayer.

“We understand how much it means to customers to stay connected with their colleagues, classmates, family and friends. Access to data is critical, so we are playing our part in helping the community with our additional data offer”.

Many Australians have been force to work from home or work remotely and will be burning their data a lot faster than they would if they were in the office using the company wi-fi.

“COVID-19 is a global challenge, we are all affected, and we all need to play our part in the response,” said Telstra CEO Andy Penn.

“From Telstra perspective an important part of that is ensuring everyone has the tools they need to stay in touch and keep business flowing during this challenging time.”

Customers can find more information through My Optus App by Friday March 20, 2020.