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Optus and Vodafone release iPhone 4S pricing

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The iPhone 4S will go on sale Friday and Optus and Vodafone have just released their plans and pricing for the new Apple device.

Vodafone has the iPhone 4S 16GB for $0 on a $59 plan with 2GB data. For $79 Optus will have the iPhone 4S 16GB and 32GB for $0 upfront and 3GB data.

Optus and Vodafone have also accepting pre-orders of the iPhone 4S. Telstra is yet to release its iPhone 4S plans.  

The iPhone 4S features a faster A5 dual core processor, an improved 8-megapixel camera and Siri – a voice-activated digital assistant.


The iPhone 4S features a new digital voice-activated assistant called Siri

Vodafone will have Caps and Infinite plans which will both take advantage of the company’s new 850Mhz network – compatible with the iPhone 4S – for a stronger signal and faster downloads.

The top Optus plan is a $99 Timeless Extreme plan which has unlimited calls and texts, 5GB of data per month and your choice of any iPhone 4S for $0 upfront.

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