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Only one per cent of Australian are recycling their old mobile devices

Vodafone has released new data which shows that just 1 per cent of Australian customers are taking the trouble to recycle their old mobile devices.

This alarming news has forced Vodafone into action to persuade Australians to make a change and dig out old and unused phones to trade them in for a new model or recycle them.

According to Vodafone’s research, there are more than 22.3 million old smartphones rolling around in desk drawers and cupboards around Australia.

The real worry with limited repair options and shorter device life cycles is that they may end up in landfill.

E-waste is already one of the fastest growing waste categories in Australia, but this can be reduced if people take a more responsible approach with their old unused devices.

“We are facing a growing e-waste problem in Australia, but together we can make a positive change,” a Vodafone spokesperson said.

“MobileMuster simplifies phone recycling, helping the environment by saving energy, reducing landfill e-waste, cutting carbon emissions, and reusing valuable materials — all at no cost to you.”

MobileMuster is a not for profit recycling programme and it costs you nothing to recycle your old devices.

When a phone is received by MobileMuster all personal data is completely wiped and more than 89 per cent of the materials are recycled.

In 2023, MobileMuster collected 96 tonnes of mobile phones and accessories and achieved a recycling rate of 89 per cent.

More than 96 per cent of manufacturers and 94 per cent of carriers already participate in the MobileMuster program which helps maintain high collection rates and create an accessible network with 94 per cent of the Australian population within 10km of a drop off site.

But if there’s still life in your device you can save some cash when trading in to buy a new device.

“There’s a treasure trove of old phones and devices tucked away in drawers and cupboards of homes all around the nation,” the Vodafone spokesperson said.

“With Vodafone, you can trade in your old device for a new upgrade or a credit on your bill.

“Every phone that can’t be re-used will be recycled with MobileMuster – and yes, that even means your phone from 2010 with a broken screen.”