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NuraLoop wireless earphones can adapt to the way you hear sound

Recently we reviewed Nuraphone – the headphones that adjust to the way you hear sound. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the Australian company unveiled its latest product – the NuraLoop – wireless earphones that offers the same personalised sound.

Nuraphone uses Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) – the sound your ear makes in response to audio mapping – to create your own listening profile.

It’s like creating a pair of glasses for your ears.

The new NuraLoop will employ this same principle to provide you with audio output designed just for you.

NuraLoop has an in-ear bud with an over ear loop and connects to your mobile device using Bluetooth.

Also built in will be active noise cancellation plus the ability to hear your surroundings in social mode without having to remove a bud.

NuraLoop will also come with a detachable magnetic cable to connect them physically to your device or to use them during a flight.

The earphones are also water resistant and has an on-board rechargeable battery that will last all day according to the company.

NuraLoop will be released later this year. Pricing and an exact release date yet to be determined.