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Norton’s free app can protect your Android mobile

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Your mobile phone is the next frontier for hackers looking for personal information, passwords and direct access to your bank accounts and social  networking sites.

And being something we carry around with us all the time, the risk of loss or theft is even higher than your computer.

It’s a good thing Symantec has launched Norton Mobile Security, a free app which can protect your Android smartphone.  

Norton Mobile Security for Android can provide a protective barrier for your smartphone against malware and viruses.

It performs an automatic virus scan on downloaded apps and app updates to keep the user protected.

The software can also detect and remove mobile security threats which are used by cyber crooks to steal your data.

One famous case of this happening was back in 2005 when Paris Hilton’s mobile was hacked and sensitive information and pictures posted on the internet.

The free Norton Mobile Security software

In the event your mobile is lost or stolen, users can remotely lock the device so your information is out of reach.

Users can also choose to remotely wipe the device so all your information, contacts and data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

It can also scan memory cards which are inserted into the device to ensure no malware is transferred from the card to the smartphone.

Norton Mobile Security  can be downloaded free from here.

The Norton Mobile Security application can scan for malware