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Nokia revamps smartphones and Symbian software

nokiax7thumbnokia makeover

Nokia has introduced two new smartphones and also given its Symbian operating system a much-needed makeover.

The new devices – the BlackBerry-like E6 and the futuristic X7 – will be the first to feature the new Symbian software.

Included in the latest version is a redesigned layout, new icons, enhanced usability, improved text input and a faster browser.  

With Nokia one of the few companies to shun the Android platform (Apple and BlackBerry are the others) – it has lost market share in the smartphone market.

Its insistence to stick with Symbian, while other companies like Samsung, HTC and Sony Ericsson were seeing a surge in sales with Android, worked against Nokia.

The new Nokia E6 smartphoneBut this move, along with the release of its most exciting handsets for years, may see the Finnish giant claw back some lost ground.

“We are further strengthening Nokia’s smartphone portfolio with these two new devices, both of which offer a more beautiful and intuitive user experience,” says Jo Harlow, head of Nokia’s smart devices business.

“With these new products and more Symbian devices and user enhancements coming in the near future, we are confident we can keep existing Nokia smartphone customers engaged, as well as attract new first-time and competitor smartphone users.”

Nokia yesterday announced the Ovi Store – the place to download Nokia compatible apps – has grown eight times larger in the past 12 months and reached up to 5 million downloads worldwide per day.

The Ovi Store has been well supported by the 200 million Symbian users around the world and today boasts more than 40,000 apps with 1000 added each week from 158 developers from 41 countries.

 Nokia E6

At first glance you’d be forgiven for mistaking this handset for the popular BlackBerry Bold.

The shape and edge of the E6 looks remarkably similar to the BlackBerry hero device. But to be fair that’s where the similarity ends.

On top of the full qwerty keyboard there’s also a VGA touchscreen.

Nokia’s E6 syncs with Microsoft Outlook for mail, contacts and calendar as well as edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on the move.

The new Nokia X7 smartphone with a distinct shape and styleThe new version of Symbian has an improved user interface with customisable screens so your favourite apps are always at your fingertips.

As with all of the latest Nokia smartphones, the E6 comes with free GPS navigation as well.

 Nokia X7

This touchscreen device is a real head-turner. It has a distinct design and gently-curved shape which is refreshingly different to competitors products on the market.

At the heart of the entertainment-focused device is a 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen which is ideal for browsing the web, watching videos and viewing photos.

Like the E6, the X7 also has customisable home screens, easy access to social network updates and free GPS navigation among a host of other new features.

It also has web TV on demand with access to channels including CNN, BBC, and National Geographic available via 3G or wi-fi.

The Nokia E6 and X7 will be available in Australia the third quarter of 2011.