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New Telstra plan to stop mobile bill shock

australia-telstra-logo-2-1charges axed

Telstra’s Next G users have always enjoyed fast data connections on their mobile devices and those who went over their caps found it was sometimes a costly exercise.

But the days of “bill shock” are over. Telstra has introduced a new safeguard which will slow mobile data connection instead of charging customers for excess usage.

Telstra will be one of the first operators in the world to offer this to mobile phone customers.  

The plan is much like the “throttle back” policy on monthly broadband plans.

Even when the data is slowed customers will still be able to make and receive calls and text messages.

“Our customers deserve to be able to enjoy the full capabilities of their Telstra post-paid mobiles without fear of a large, unexpected bill,” said Telstra chief financial officer John Stanhope.

“By slowing data speeds once a customer has exceeded their data allowance, and not charging for the extra data, customers stay connected without fear of a hit to the hip pocket.”

Telstra customers who use up their data limits before the end of their monthly billing cycle can also top up their data allowance directly from their mobile handset.

There are already SMS alerts sent to customers when they hit 80 per cent and 100 per cent of their allowance but these will also be upgraded so the alerts arrive in real time as soon as the limits are reached.

Mr Stanhope says Telstra customers will also be able to find more information about data services overseas.

“Increasingly our customers are taking their smartphones with them on overseas trips as a convenient way to access travel information, email and maps,” he said.

“To help them stay on top of their data usage, Telstra is introducing regular SMS alerts that provide advice on the volume and costs associated with data they are consuming.”

Telstra says the new mobile service is just part of an overall plan to improve customer satisfaction.