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New iPhone will be 4G – but not for all carriers


iphonerumourmain2Apple’s new iPhone, to be unveiled next week, will work on most 4G/LTE in the US, Europe and Asia but won’t be available for every mobile operator, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It is hoped the iPhone 5 will be compatible with the 1800Mhz spectrum which has been adopted by Australia’s mobile operators – Telstra, Optus and eventually Vodafone.

The 1800Mhz spectrum is also used in Europe (Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Latvia) and Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand) along with South Africa and Russia.

The iPhone 4S was called a global phone because it could be used on 3G networks around the world.

But that was because there are only 22 bands for 3G while 4G/LTE has 36 bands which is why the WSJ’s story, based on information obtained from people familiar with the new iPhone, explains LTE won’t be available on every carrier.

Here in Australia the number of 4G smartphones is increasing rapidly and carriers are hoping the new iPhone will join those ranks.

Just this week Samsung, Motorola and Nokia announced new devices that will all be 4G compatible.

Samsung’s Galaxy S III will be available in 4G on Telstra and Optus by the end of September while the Galaxy Note II, unveiled at IFA last week, will also likely to be 3G/4G compatible from launch in October.

And that’s not including existing 4G handsets already in the Australian market from HTC.

Naturally Australian carriers will drive customers to their 4G handsets to give their users faster access to data services and, therefore, increased data revenue.

If the new iPhone is not compatible with Australia’s 4G networks it will give away a lot of ground to competing devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III which will have a 4G version in market around the time the iPhone is expected to go on sale in late September.

We’ll all have to wait until Apple’s launch event, which kicks off at 3am Thursday morning Sydney time, to find out for sure.

Tech Guide will be provide full coverage of Apple’s launch event and the new iPhone as it happens.

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