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New app to avoid food and drink queues at sporting events


qkrappA new mobile app has been launched so people can avoid long queues at sporting stadiums and order and pay for food and drink from their seat.

QkR is the result of a collaboration between MasterCard and Commonwealth Bank and utilises the latest digital wallet technology to make simple purchases like game-day food and beverages using their iPhone or Android smartphone.

Users will be able to test out the technology when a pilot program kicks off at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne.

Transactions are initiated when a user scans a QR code at their seat in the stadium or by entering a special QkR label.

This will launch the food and beverage menu so items can be ordered and paid for with the digital wallet the user pre-registers with their debit or credit card details.

The order and payment is then sent to Etihad Stadium’s catering staff and then delivered to the user’s seat without missing a minute of the action or standing in a line.

MasterCard insists the QkR mobile app offers the same security as payment by any other MasterCard purchase.

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