Modern technology gives us many things.

Need to take a sickie? Now there’s an app for that

Not feeling well? Usually you’d need to go and see a doctor and get a medical certificate to present it to your employer but now there’s an app for that – and it’s called Sicky.

Sicky was developed in Australian and is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

The benefits are a speedy diagnosis without the need to leave your house and there’s no need to attend a probably already crowded medical centre, clinic or doctor’s office.

Here’s how it works: if you’re feeling unwell you fire up the Sicky app and select whether you need a sick leave certificate or a carer’s leave certificate.

You will then be connected via video call to a healthcare professional who will assess your condition.

Sicky uses a team of experienced pharmacists to assess you or your family member.

Under Australian law, pharmacists can provide health care advice as well as issue medical certificates or carers leave.

But it should be noted that some workplaces may require a medical certificate registered medical practitioner like a doctor, so you’d need to check your workplace agreement or award.

Users will be asked a variety of questions about you or your dependant’s symptoms along with a summary of your medical history.

If you are diagnosed as unwell, you will receive a medical certificate which can be passed on to your employer for $19.95.

The whole process usually takes about 10 minutes depending on the severity of your illness and whether you need further medical attention.

The medical certificate will only be issued after payment is received.

And not everyone will receive a medical certificate.

It is against the law for a pharmacist or doctor to issue a certificate if they believe your symptoms are not severe enough to miss work or school.

But either way, the Sicky app means you don’t even need to get out of bed.