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Mobile data, messaging revenue overtakes voice for the first time


iphone 5 34hi stagger frontback black printMobile data and messaging revenue has exceeded voice call revenue for the first time in Australia, according to the latest research from Telsyte.

This reflects the changing habits of users when it comes to their mobile devices.

Apps have helped data and messaging now become the primary use of our device ahead of voice calling which is now just thought of as just another application.

“The phenomenal growth of smartphones apps and personal messaging has finally put data and messaging ahead of call revenues for carries,” Teksyte mobile service analyst Alvin Lee says.

“Ultimately carriers will move to an all IP network with voice becoming another data application.

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is a new technology that will accelerate the growth of voice over data that has the potential to increase data revenue even further.

“Current LTE devices don’t support VoLTE but as they start to, mobile data might become the single unit of value,” Lee said.

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