Modern technology gives us many things.

Messenger and Instagram launch new features including audio messaging

Facebook Messenger and Instagram have introduced new messaging features including audio messaging which will allow users to record their messages hands-free instead of typing.


To record an audio message simply create a new message and choose the recipient and then tap the microphone icon to begin recording and then tap again to finish.

This feature is available now on Messenger and will be coming soon to Instagram direct messages as well.


This feature is for those who prefer a zero inbox which allows users to swipe on a message to archive it. The new Archived Chats folder on mobile to allow people to keep a clean inbox but still access older messages.


On Instagram direct messages, users will now be able to see when their friends have seen your message.

When sent, look out for a text snippet to indicate it has been seen.


Instagram is a visual platform so there is now the ability to send a visual reply in direct messages with another photo or video.

This feature is live now on iOS and coming soon to Android.