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Many users are unaware of their smartphone data limit


optusdata2Today the data component of our smartphone plans is more important than ever but surprisingly many users don’t know how much data they can use each month.

According to the latest Optus research, 27 per cent of customers don’t know the size of their monthly data allowance.

Smartphone owners are now so reliant on the data connection of their device, it has become for many even more important than making calls and texting.

In fact, a data connection can allow users to call friends and family and send messages instead of having to go through the normal cellular channels of the network.

Of the people surveyed in the Optus study, 36 per cent said they were concerned their activities would exceed their mobile data limit with 30 per cent worried they will run out of data before the end of the month.

“More and more things can be done on our phones. Phones are now a music console, a wallet, a shopping catalogue and a street directory,” said Ben White, Vice President of Mobile Marketing at Optus.

“These things use data, and now with tools such as usage alerts and fairer pricing on excess mobile fees, people are freer to use their phones for more and more things.

“It seems Aussies aren’t using their data allowance to its fullest and we think this is because they are scared of going over their limit.”

Here’s what you can do with 1GB of data:

* Send 100 emails with attachments

* Visit 100 web pages

* Upload 50 posts or photos to social media

* Stream 90 mins of videos

* Stream 90 mins of music

* Use GPS navigation for 60mins

* Video call for 30 mins

* Download 17 apps or games

Last year Optus released MyPlan – a fair and transparent way to monitor your data usage and add extra data for $10 for an extra 1GB.

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