Modern technology gives us many things.

Lesser-known mobile apps that are actually resourceful

We carry our mobile phones everywhere. Even when we drop in for a hot bath. It has become an essential item to carry around. It happens for a good reason. We can use our mobile phones to connect to people around the world instantly.

Also, it has tools and games that keep us productive and entertained. There are around 2.22 million apps on the App Store and 3.48 million apps on Google Play Store for us to choose from. In such conditions, it is easy for a highly useful app to go unnoticed. Hence, in this blog, we will discuss the lesser-known apps that are actually useful. 


Fun fact: Did you know? I can easily sell my mobile online and get the cash for phones that are no longer useful. You can even recycle old mobile phones for the sake of our environment.


Lesser-Known Apps that are resourceful


1. Tunity:


Have you ever wanted to listen to what’s on the TV when the room is loud? If so, you’ll find this app quite useful. It uses radio frequencies to scan the channel and stream the audio right into your mobile device. You can then wear the earphone and peacefully listen to the TV while the rest of the room is going crazy. 


2. Programming Hub:


This app has become my personal favourite. It lets you learn popular programming languages through well-structured modules for free. There are premium features that you can opt for that lets you save progress if you quit mid-lesson. Even while using the free version, you can learn many programming languages at your own pace. This feature lets you be productive in your free time. Plus, the app has an inbuilt compiler for executing the programs you build.


3. Stellarium mobile Sky Map:


Is stargazing your favourite hobby? If yes, you can use this app to add more details to your hobby. You can learn the different constellations and how they move across the sky using this app. It has a built-in GPS feature that efficiently tracks the location of all cosmic objects. Unfortunately, iOS users need to pay a one-time fee to use the app. For android users, the app is entirely free to use. With this app, you can easily turn your hobby time into an educational adventure 


4. Wysa 


Wysa is an app that is very much essential in these trying times. At some point in life, we all have the urge to share our emotions with someone. This app is a chatbot that acts as a safe space for you to share your emotions. Moreover, the app suggests tips and exercises for relaxing your mind and body. Simply put, the app is your personal therapist(at least a starter pack).


For further help with your mental health, call NHS 111. A trained professional is available 24×7 to help you overcome your troubles.


5. PicsArt Animator:


We all know how PicsArt is a great tool for mobile photo editing. Its lesser-known cousin is the PicsArt Animator. It has enough animation tools for you to create short promotional videos for your brand. You can even make your personal chats more entertaining with your own GIFs and animations. Creating animations takes some time to get used to. But with practice, you can create impressive animated videos in no time. Some lower-end mobiles might not run this app very smoothly. I had to sell my mobile for a better one to use this app for lively presentations in high school.


6. SoloPhoto:


Don’t you hate it when people start scrolling through your gallery instead of just seeing the one photo you showed? I do. And this app prevents people from scrolling through your photo gallery. You can open your photo using this app, and it will only display that photo and enable password protection for the rest of the gallery.




Be sure that the app you download comes from a reliable source. App Store and Google Play Store have stringent policies that make app downloading safe for its users. Just like how you can safely sell your old mobile phones online in the UK.